Thursday, September 11, 2014

A few pics from our current, not-picture-worthy life

I got to thinking tonight that I haven't posted many pics lately and so I went back through my phone and Instagram pictures only to realize that I just haven't really been taking that many! Life is just pretty calm and not super photo-worthy lately (mainly because I put a lot of my effort into merely staying awake and attentive all day). Like today, Belle and I grocery shopped and I made a dozen bean burritos to stock the fridge for after the baby comes. We played outside, read books, and put away laundry after school. There wasn't one second of my day that I thought, "Hey! We should take a pic! I am sure my inner shutterbug will resurface once the baby comes. :)

 I did find a few, with some dating back to July, that never made their way here to the blog. 

Derek with our kiddos and our nephews. I love this pic!

He's done a lot of growing in 4 years... but the chocolate custard face remains the same!!! 

Great Grandpa, books, and Frozen-- three of Belle's favorite things!

Belle and I play Princesses a lot while Jack is at school. She pretty much just tells me what to say and do... and then she'll ask, "Is it time to go pick up Jack?"

Belle has worn these boots ALL summer long-- and they FINALLY met rain for the first time this weekend.

The kids had so much fun at Home Depot on Saturday morning making birdhouses! Such a neat program they have. Hopefully we will get in a routine in going each month!

Jack started soccer this week. Isn't this boy handsome?

I snapped this pic on Tuesday. It was the first day that Belle and I have had that was totally awesome together-- just as I was really hoping we'd have while Jack is at school and before baby girl comes.

And lastly, this doesn't contain any new pics, but I did put this collage together today because it's my sister's birthday today! She's a great sister and an Awesome Aunt Laura! 


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