Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

We enjoyed a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We started out the weekend with a date night-- we had a nice dinner, good conversation, and best of all a Goo Goo Dolls concert! I bought the tickets in April and have been waiting impatiently to go to the show... and of course, I loved it. :)

After our night out, we actually spent the rest of the the weekend doing quite a bit of labor. (Not the baby kind of labor, though!). Even the kids joined in. Don't they look thrilled? Derek is actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow so his body can rest from all of the hard work. :) The good news is that we are making some serious headway on some house projects!

We spent time at the pool, we spent time with both of our family, and we devoured some super delicious smores ice cream cake-- all the makings of a great weekend! Shouldn't every weekend be a three day weekend?!? Yes, please! 

And now that it's September-- it's officially BABY MONTH! We have several family birthdays this month already: Aunt Laura, Uncle Brad, Julie (our once foreign exchange student)... and we're excited to add another birthday to celebrate. Yay! Happy September! :)


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