Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Odds and Ends

Today is just a bullet point kind of day! I have been SUPER productive today, but now I'm so incredibly tired. Tomorrow I've promised myself a nap and perhaps I'll get fancy and paint my fingernails. 
  • Yesterday marked a new milestone for me-- I'm officially at 39 weeks and am pregnant longer than I've ever been pregnant before. Jackson came at 38w5d and Belle came at 39 right to the day. I'm actually not overly eager to evict the little thing aside from the fact that I'm just tired of waiting to meet her! :) I am super glad that I was able to attend both the first meetings of my Bible study and MOPS, which were yesterday and today. She now officially has a green light to come, but hopefully not tonight. I'm so tired, I actually just want to sleep.
  • IF the baby would have made an appearance today, she would have shared a birthday with the class butterfly in Jack's classroom. I guess she's holding out for her own special day. Jackson has been talking about the chrysalis (and I seriously had to google that word because I'm clearly not "smarter than a kindergartner" and always thought it was called a cocoon.)
  • Last weekend, I was originally planning to drive over to Columbia to meet up with other friends, but... that didn't happen thanks to some false labor indicators. So she ended up driving FOUR hours out of her way to visit before she drove back to Chicago. It was wonderful to catch up, but I'm still a bit bummed that I didn't get to see the rest of the people I was hoping to visit! 

  • I've been planning small tasks to complete each evening for the next day. I don't want to feel too rushed, but I want don't want to be bored either. This poster was my most important obligation this week! I have done some baking, cleaning, laundry, errands, and finishing up random projects around the house. Oh, and lots of snuggles with Belle. Tomorrow, my big task to take the comforter to the laundry mat because it was peed on during nap time (on my side of the bed, of course). Another reason I don't want the baby to come tonight-- I'd prefer my last night of sleep to not be in a makeshift blanket mess avoiding the urine spot. 

  • My dad has been coming over almost every night after work and the past several weekends to work on our master bath. He has great helpers, doesn't he? Jackson particularly LOVES to do odds and ends jobs and Belle likes to make up her own jobs. It's cute, the both of them! The bathroom is looking awesome and I cannot wait to enjoy our new bathroom. 

  • Belle drew this picture at MOPS today. I was so shocked when the teachers told me she drew it all by herself! I had no idea she could draw people so well. And isn't it so fun that she drew the baby on the outside. :) This week, Belle also informed me that "she likes boys" (out of the blue, no idea what she meant!) and then she asked me in the car, "Mom, what's government?" Uhm.... let's discuss this when you're older, k? 

  • Fantasy football is going terrible for me this year. My best players were injured in the first week and/or expelled from their teams. It's a humbling experience to know I will continue to lose for weeks on out. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate losing? 

  • Jackson has been adamant about going over a fire escape plan for the past week or two and tonight Derek and Jackson worked on drawing the house and marking where we'll meet if there's an emergency. Basically, Jackson just told Derek how to draw, what colors to use, etc and Derek obliged. Even if it was silly, it was something that we've never discussed before, so I'm glad we did it! 
Off to bed! Well, I think we'll squeeze in an episode of The New Girl! Season 3 just became available on Netflix. Maybe I'll add this to the list of things to do tomorrow, too! :)


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