Thursday, September 4, 2014

Today's accomplishment: staying awake!

Holy tiredness, Batman! I have about a mile-long to do list and a half dozen partial posts waiting to be finished. I started my week with the intention of completing several! At some moment on Tuesday, a tidal wave of tiredness came over me and I have been like a walking zombie ever since! I don't remember feeling this tired at the end of pregnancy before, but wowzers!!! .......ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz......

I've managed to be productive other days this week, but today I've simply managed to stay awake. Well, my nephew did come over after school and is spending the night because his younger brother was admitted into the hospital early this morning for a nasty upper respiratory infection. He's doing better, but is staying at the hospital for observation tonight. So say a quick prayer for him-- and his parents who definitely need some good sleep! And in other news, we're super thankful that my mother-in-law is home safe-and-sound after a lockdown on the college campus this afternoon due to a student having a weapon! It was kind of a crazy day for Derek's side of the family!

Besides waiting for text updates and refreshing the news on my phone, I did actually manage to cook dinner. Only it was disgusting. Thanks for the recipe, pinterest!

Oh, and in a period of anxiousness to meet my littlest baby girl, I did manage to go through newborn pics of Jack and Belle. It's clearly the best kind of productive I've been all day. :)

How cute are these babies?!?

I'm off to bed. I know heading to bed at my own leisure is a luxury that will fade away once baby girl arrives (along with snuggle naps with Belle!), so I'm trying to just let go of my to-do list and rest up! Even if that means I still have so many unfinished posts to share. They'll get done..... eventually! 


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