Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jackson's World Series Birthday party

The final game of the World Series was last night and unfortunately, the trophy went to the Giants. Even though Jackson was near tears when I told him the news this morning, I reminded him of how much fun we had celebrating the Royals all throughout the postseason-- including his World Series watch party! 

The party was on a Friday night and so it was only fitting that we had the same treats that are available at Kauffman for every Friday night for Buck Night: peanuts, hotdogs, and pepsi! And isn't the cake awesome? My friend HanNah always makes the coolest cakes for us!

Jack was so stoked for the party. See our fancy decorations? Jackson made and colored the sign. :)

To start things off, we played some backyard ball. 

Then we came inside to feed the team!

So much laughter.  (And Amanda is like, "boys are so weird...")

Game time!

The kids were so quiet and still during the National Anthem. I was so proud!

But then things got CRAZY! We had some awesome cheering going on. So much, in fact, that I didn't get a single non-blurry photo!

After the first inning, we had a cake break and Jackson opened presents. 

Each of Jackson's friends went home with a miniature Royals pennant that I found in a tent-store in a grocery store parking lot. 

I'm so glad the Royals gave us something to celebrate along with Jackson's birthday! He had so much fun with all of his friends and fortunately for me, it was a super simple party to host (which was incredibly important with a newborn in the family!).


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  1. I was so sad about the Royal loss as well, but man... what a season!!! I LOVE that Jackson's birthday party was Royals themed - what a cool kid! :)


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