Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Family Pics

For awhile after Caroline was born, I wasn't blogging much because it just didn't have anything really going on. Plus, I barely even used my computer for three weeks. Then, we found ourselves quite busy with a lot going on and so I finally had blog material... but no time to make it happen! Things have settled down again and so I've got a lot of catching up to do! 

About a month ago, right after Caroline was born and the weather was just fantastic, we met up with a favorite photographer of ours to do some family pictures! It was so wonderful working with Nicole. I have to you that during the photo shoot, I thought the entire thing was going terrible (fake smiles, hyper children, fussy baby!). I mean, I was in tears. And look at the magic she captured! When she started posting sneak peek pics on her facebook page, I was in tears again because I loved them so much. (Hears looking at you post-partum hormones!) 

Here are some of my favorites! You can check out the full session on her blog

I wanted to go through and write out what I love about each of these pictures, but I am sure most of it's pretty obvious. I love the real smiles, the sweetness of a newborn, the visual representation of our bond as a family!

What are your favorites?

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