Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Recap

Our Halloween was pretty low key this year. And by low key, I mean, I let the kids chose a costume from their dress up stash at around 3:30 that day. We actually had several good options and they chose to be Wolverine and Spiderman. Isabelle had informed me early in the day that she wanted to be a boy costume... but she did pair the costume with some black glittery flats. :)

We carved pumpkins the night before! I really enjoyed working on the project with the kids-- even if it was impossibly hard to carve a pumpkin while wearing a fussy baby in my Moby wrap! :)

I am clearly still getting into the groove of this whole three kid thing. I didn't even think about trying to get their picture all together! She had a little photo shoot earlier in the day, though. 

We took the kids to the Fall Festival at church. They had fun playing the games and getting candy, of course. Jackson and Derek raced to see who could eat a banana and drink a cup of Sprite. I'm not sure who won, but each of them will tell you they won. I'm pretty sure I'm the real winner because I didn't have to participate! :)

I was busy managing this party animal!

After going to the church, we took the kids to the nursing home to visit our special friend (and friendly witch) Ms. Charlotte! 

We were all pretty partied out by the end then, but we did take the kids to trick-or-treat at three of our neighbors. We have several elderly neighbors and they really enjoy seeing the kids stop by. One neighbor actually sent us home with a plate of cookies! 

Being super low key and involving absolutely zero planning, it was still a fun night. And fortunately, we didn't end up with too much candy, though there are plenty of Kit-Kats... my fave! 


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