Saturday, November 22, 2014


I say this every time a birthday rolls around, but these birthday surveys are my favorite things that I do for my kiddos here on the blog... even when they happen to be a month late! This is the 4th one I've done for Jackson. Many things have changed, but there are a couple things that have remained the same throughout the years!

* After Jackson listed what he was going to be when he grew up, he said "Well, God might have other plans for me. But, right now, this is what I want to be when I grow up." As fun as it has been to discover his unique personality, to laugh when he says funny things, or boast with pride when I've seen him do nice things for others without being prompted-- as cool as all of those things are, nothing else comes close to the pure joy that fills my heart to see God working in his little heart and for him to grow in his understanding of who God is and God's will in his life. 

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Jackson has had a fun year full of playing t-ball, basketball, and soccer. And also running, running, and running (because he's determined to become faster because being the second-fastest runner in his class isn't good enough). 

He graduated from pre-K and started kindergarten. He became a big brother again and spent his birthday money on a new fish! Jackson won't hesitate to tell you how much responsibility he has to keep up with in taking care of TWO sisters, a cat, and now his fish on top of "working really hard" at school. 

This age is fun. Jackson is super fun to hang out with and is really good with conversation (as long as you ask him something other than how his day was at school). He is an excellent helper for me and actually completes chores in a decent manner! He's old enough to tag along with some of our errands and activities and it's neat having him involved in some of our hobbies. He even went in to work for a half day last weekend with Derek. My favorite thing is that he's old enough to play some "real" games, like Sorry and Memory, so I can take a break from Candyland! :)

Jackson is my super sweet and sensitive little man! Earlier today, he was talking about his birth story (my kids are all obsessed with talking about how they were born lately!) and then he walked over, hugged me, and said, "I'm sorry you were so hungry all day!!!" Bless his heart. Jackson snuggles are the best and I'm hoping that he'll never outgrow Mama snuggles. 

He is absolutely hilarious, too. My favorite thing is when he'll tell us about something funny that he and his friends laughed about at school and to us, it'll make no sense, but he'll be cracking himself up. The funniest time is when he informed us that all of the kindergartners have a new phrase for passing gas: "Pushing the gas tank." His favorite joke that he came up with himself: How fast can you count to 10 by tens? And while you're still trying to understand the question, he shouts out "ten!" and giggles that you were too slow. 

Oh! And Jackson can read! It's fun to read books together. It never ceases to be exciting to watch him learn new things.

It's been so fun to be your Mama, Jackson! Love you buddy! :)


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