Monday, November 17, 2014

The middle one

I feel like Big Brother and Little Sister have gotten quite a bit of headlines here on the blog as of late with Jackson's birthday and welcoming Caroline into the family. This gal needs her own post, too. I'll tell you what-- Isabelle keeps me on my toes. I hardly ever know what to expect and she makes me laugh about a million times a day. 

Like yesterday, on the way to church she asked what God looked like. I told her that we can't see God, but he reveals himself to us in his creation. That answer wasn't good enough-- she wanted to know what God looked like. So I told her about how God revealed himself to Moses and then Moses' face was so radiant, he glowed. And then she asked, "So God is like a glow stick?" 

And today, when I asked for her help to change the sheets on my bed, she compassionately asks if I had an accident last night. Nope, sweetie... It's just time to for the heating blanket and the flannel sheets!

We went to the store the other day and she was wearing her super girl jammies and a wolverine mask. She told a man that he had girl hair (a ponytail) on Veteran's Day. Derek is constantly telling her, "You don't have to talk to everyone!" because she's a stranger to no one. 

At almost every meal, she's "not hungry" for whatever we are having, but then asks for chips/cookies/crackers on repeat because her tummy "isn't full for those things". She never takes a full bite of anything; she eats everything in nibbles. I don't particularly care how she eats, except that it creates a million more crumbs. And then she frequently ends up biting her own finger and that is a very sad time in our house. 

She pronounces except like "b-cept" and she called the Genie from Aladdin "eu-genie". There are countless songs that she refuses accept the right lyrics. She will repeat any phrase from a Daniel Tiger episode for weeks. They are always practical and have good concepts-- it just gets old.  "When you're awake, you can play, sing, or imagine anything." "When something seems bad, turn it around. And think of something good!" And if you are ever alone with just her, she'll talk your ear off the entire time.

Lastly, she never, EVER gets tired. She tells me this every day.

Belle is super fun to hang out with these days and she's such a big help to me! Maybe we're leaving the "terrible-ness" of the 3's behind as we gear up for her 4th birthday here in a couple months!


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  1. Aww! She sounds like she has such a big personality! How fun! :)


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