Sunday, November 23, 2014

Two Months: Caroline

Dear Caroline, 

I barely blinked and here you are at two months old. You are still as cute as a button and as sweet as can be! And of course, you're loved to pieces. 

You are eating around every 3 hours these days and you still sleep a lot-- more than I ever expect! I hope this means you'll be sleeping in on Saturday mornings in no time! At night, you'll give me about one 4-5 hours stretch of sleep. But even when you wake up, you go right back to sleep after eating so it's not too bad. You mostly sleep in the basinet in our room, but you're starting to sleep in your crib more often because you are just so noisy when you go back to sleep after eating. You like to be swaddled snug as a bug to get good sleep, either than or snuggled tight. 

The best thing that's happened this month is that you have started sharing some smiles and our whole family is completely smitten with them! You make the sweetest like squeal sound when you smile and your baby talk is so, so sweet. Jackson loves to talk to you about kindergarten. He'll announce he's home from school and lay down on the floor and try to get you to smile. Isabelle proudly boasts that you are "her baby!" whenever we go out and if someone else is holding you, she makes sure they know that they don't get to keep you! 

See what I mean about people being completely smitten with you?!? :) You are so, so loved girlfriend. I'm so glad you belong to us! 


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