Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ringing the bell: a favorite Christmas tradition

I am heading up to the airport in just a little bit to pick up a friend, Tricia, who is going to be staying with us over Christmas! Tomorrow another friend, Stacey, is flying in and then in a few more days Tricia's husband is flying in. We're going to have so much fun!!

I wanted to pop in right quick and share some pictures from what has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions with my kiddos-- ringing bells! When I saw that the temps were going to be in the upper 50s on Saturday, I signed us up. 

In addition to taking turns ringing the bell, the kids handed out candy to the Walmart shoppers. They kept saying, "it's free! it's free!" 

And both kids were awesome bell ringers. 

The two hour shift wasn't all smiles and eager servant's hearts, but in the big picture we've accomplished what I had hoped to achieve. Several individuals made sure to tell me that the kids really made them smile; one gal said they just turned her entire day around. We did have fun and fortunately most people thought the rambunctiousness and enthusiasm was endearing. 

We collected $210.44 during our two hour shift. I don't have hard evidence, but I am convinced that people give more when cute kids are around. I am so glad that the money will be used to help those in need around our community and that my kids have been a part of that!


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