Monday, December 1, 2014


Thanksgiving was great this year! I'm still recovering. The whole week has been a bit more chaotic than usual because Derek was out of town on business right before the holiday and he left again on Saturday. We've been on the go since last Wednesday and our backdoor entry is piled high with bags that we've just been home long enough to drop off before we moved on to something else! But even if I'm way behind on laundry and some of our Christmas decorations are still in boxes taking up space in our living room-- we had a great time spending time with our family and friends! 

My sister is the unofficial photographer of our family. Thanks to her, we have a ton of fun pics! She took most of these, but I wanted to share about our Thanksgiving. I was feeling a bit crafty and helped the kids make some turkeys with some of our decorating pumpkins from halloween! How cute are these guys? We just stuck in some feathers and added a potato with a carrot beak. They got logs of compliments!

We did Thanksgiving this year with the BIG family, I think we were a few shy of 40 this year. 

We all belong to my Grandma Trickel and her sisters 

The get-togethers are potluck and are always full of delicious food. 

I like to think that this is when Caroline realized that she was only going to get milk while everyone else enjoyed turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie!

Don't worry... she wasn't upset for long. She was passed around and cuddled all afternoon. Here she is with Aunt Sharon and Gram Gram!

And here she is chillin' with my mom. 

And have you every seen a cuter picture of a Grammy and her sweet grand daughter? I am pretty sure this ranks in one of my top favorite pictures. Ever. 

The older kiddos were looking pretty cute too. :)

The kid table! :) 

How sweet are these fellas and their little ponies? Most of these men have more experience with live horses than tiny plastic ones, but it doesn't stop them from playing along with Belle. 

Here's me and mom! Isn't she a cute hostess?

And here's me with my sisters! 

It didn't even occur to me to get a family picture! Oops. :) We were all there-- that's what matters!

Of all of the things that I am thankful for, my family definitely tops the list. We spent the weekend visiting, playing games, chit chatting, and staying up too late. It was perfect. I can't wait until we get to do it again at Christmas!


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