Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A few non-sick days

Over the past few days, our house has been getting a bit healthier by the day. Little by little. My voice is back and my sore throat, cough, and headaches are gone. Yay! Caroline hasn't had a fever since Saturday at all and really has been a champ at battling the flu. Except that she's not sleeping well. Like, waking up between six to eight times a night. I think it might take another day or two for her sleep schedule to return after being sick. I hope it doesn't take much longer because Derek and I are both running on fumes at this point. Fingers crossed! 

Though we've practically sleep-walked through the whole week, here's what we've been up to:

Aunt Laura stopped by for bedtime stories before heading back down for her last semester of college

The kids each had a dentist appointment, which they both loved. Jackson doesn't have any loose teeth yet and the dentist said there don't look to be any adult teeth, other than his six year molars, trying to make their way in yet. 

Isabelle got a case of the giggles when they cleaned her teeth. Her gums must be super ticklish!

The girls and I visited Derek at work today. Isabelle made herself right at home!

Uh, Dad, I need to check that email...

We packed a lunch and ate in the atrium. It's a beautiful office!

And a trip to Daddy's office isn't complete without a turn (or two) down the slide! Derek's company moved into a new office building since the last time we visited and the slide and the dodgeball court moved too! This time, Derek's office had tons of nerf guns and the guys helped Belle shoot them across the room. Jackson went into work with Derek last month for several hours and decided that it was pretty boring, but Isabelle is under the impression that Daddy gets to play all day.

Just as we were enjoying our healthy-again family, venturing out, and crossing items off my to-do list, Jackson came home with a 102 fever. I had one of those "laugh so you don't cry" moments when he read me the numbers. Don't mind me, I'm just over here waving my white surrender flag to germs everywhere-- stop invading!!!!! Fingers crossed it's a quick bug and it's not too icky. I texted Derek and told him to bring home dinner. Between snuggles with my buddy and a can't-sleep-without-being-held baby, there was no way I could manage to cook. He brought dinner and a bit of my sanity restored itself. 

Derek mentioned that he felt a bit queasy after dinner. He has strict orders to not get sick. And if he does, I'm calling in his mom and I'm running away until after cold and flu season.

Jackson's fever went down with some tylenol and he was eager to climb in bed tonight. Hoping that laughter really is the best medicine, the big kids and I sat and watched home videos of when they were babies for quite awhile tonight. That was really fun. 

So if you're keeping track... our are fingers crossed for Caroline to sleeps, Jackson's sickness to go away, and while we're at it-- we'll just put in a permanent request for all germs to leave our family alone. 


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