Monday, January 5, 2015

Belle's Overnight Adventure

Once upon a time there was a tired little girl who fell asleep in the car in the late afternoon. Despite the efforts to get the little girl to wake up, she just wasn't having it. Assuming that tired little girl was just over tired from all the Christmas festivities that had been happening, the parents decided to just let her sleep through the night. Silly parents. Tired little girl woke up at 11:15 bright eyed and bushy tailed. Awake little girl's mommy hadn't set out to document the evening, but once it became clear that there wasn't going to be much sleep, she continued to take pictures and posted them to instagram so that all the well-rested individuals could get a chuckle in the morning. 

It worked. You're welcome. 

So this should be an interesting night. This gal fell asleep at 5:30 and would not wake up for anything. She just woke up and she is aaaaaalllllll smiles. What's the likelihood of a good nights sleep after a 6 hour nap????? #bellesovernightadventure 11:15pm

Belle: Look, we're the same size! 
Daddy: No, I think you're bigger.
Belle: But I'm all folded up!!! #bellesovernightadventure12:30am

Soooo... She's been up for two hours and has zero signs of sleepiness. Mom and dad are going to sleep while she watches Lilo and Stitch.#bellesovernightadventure 1:00 am 

Movie over. Wide awake!!! Mom and dad say, "close your eyes. Try to sleep." Lots of ninja kick cuddles.#bellesovernightadventure 2:45am

Kicked out of mommy and daddy's bed. Too wiggly. Playing with toys and talking to herself in other room.#bellesovernightadventure 3:30am

"I brought you soup, mommy! Here's some soup! Eat your soup, Mommy!" #bellesovernightadventure4:25am

Hoping a second movie makes her tired! #notlikely#bellesovernightadventure 4:45am

Winning!!!! #bellesovernightadventure 5:13am

Talk about a long night. We really did attempt to wake her up multiple times. Next time, per my mom's suggestion, we'll be throwing this gal in the shower. I'm hoping this overnight adventure is one of those once-in-a-lifetime sort of experience!


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