Sunday, January 25, 2015

Four Months: Caroline

Dear Sweet Caroline,

You turned four months this week. It's been four months since we all fell in love with you and it just keeps getting better and better! 

You have recently really started showing us your personality-- and it's adorable, of course! You like to smile and squeal when you're happy. You also like to squeal when you're upset and so that can get tricky trying to differentiate. You are still a pretty easy going kiddo! You'll sleep despite the noise at a basketball game and you'll smile at anyone who holds you. 

You are particular about a few things: you need to swaddled to sleep (and sometimes just to relax) and you want to be facing out when being held. You strongly oppose changing clothes and we have nicknamed your carseat the torture chamber because you simply hate being buckled in.

What have you been up to this month? Well, you found your fingers. And you love to have them in your mouth! One day, Isabelle was playing with you and she said, "do you have lollipops on those fingers, huh?" I thought it was so funny and sweet and so we refer to your first two fingers as your lollipops. 

You also love this little ball. Actually, I might love it more. It's perfect for your little hands to grasp and it keeps those hands from bothering you! Those cute little hands are known to frustrate you from time to time and toys are a great distraction. It's so neat to watch you learn to play with toys! Of course, they all go into your mouth. 

You are learning new things each day and it's fun to watch. You like to sit in your bumbo seat and be included in whatever we do as a family. You also started playing in the bounce-a-roo. You like to play with the toys and kick your little feet! 

You eat about every 3 hours during the day with a longer stretch in the afternoon because you take a long nap. You definitely clock in more sleeping hours than the rest of my kiddos. Sometimes, you'll sleep past 9am if we don't have to load up to take Jackson to school. Now, if only we could get you to sleep through the night! 

You were actually quite an easy sleeper prior to getting the flu. But one of the side effects of Tamiflu is an upset tummy and so while you were sick, you had really restless sleep. We haven't quite recovered your good sleeping patterns yet. Daddy and I are forming a game plan because there are nights, like last night, when we both are getting up 3-4 times each! It's the hours in between 1:00-6:00am. Before and after those hours, you sleep like a champ. We love you to pieces, we really really do. However, we'd really love to not see those eyes or hear those fusses over night. (I hate to resort to peer pressure. I mean, your brother was sleeping 12 hours at night by now.....).

I love your sweet cheeks and I kiss all over them every single day. Sometimes I'll even get a giggle! Daddy and I love you so much sweet girl! XOXO


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