Saturday, January 31, 2015

Homecoming Week

This week was spirit week at Jackson's school leading up to Homecoming last night. Jackson was super excited to participate in the silly themes each day. 

Pajama Day
 (aka-- acting like a goofball in the morning day. Well, that's every day!)

Tacky Tourist Day 
(do NOT call his bug-out bag a fanny pack. You have been warned.)

Superhero Day! 

Twin Day. Jackson and his cousin, Gabe, won the best costumes for their class!

School Spirit Day. He's all decked out in blue-- including his hair!

We went to the games last night and had a good time. The games were great! Isabelle wanted to join in with some school spirit so she got some blue hair, too! 

This is Jackson's BFF at school. I love this pic!

We didn't stick around for the announcing of the homecoming court and crowning of the king and queen. Caroline was sleepy and we are in no place to play any kind of sleep roulette by keeping her up too late. The kids stayed with Grandma Linda to watch and then she brought them home. 

I don't have any pictures of the royalty from this year, but I here's a shot of the homecoming king back from 2002. Bet ya didn't know I married such a stud! :)

(No, that's not a picture of me. However, Allison and I are routinely mistaken for one another at church, practically on a weekly basis. Even our kids do it!) 

I just love Jackson's school. It's Derek's alma mater and the school is a ministry of our church. Jackson has the most amazing teacher and his class size is just right! We have friends and family who work and teach at the school and there is such a comfort in having complete trust and confidence when you send your kid away for so many hours in a day. When you love the school so much, it's easy to haveso much school spirit, which made this week super fun!


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