Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The cutest little gymnast you ever did see

Basketball sign-ups came and went in December and Jackson was sodisappointed that we didn't sign up for basketball this year. I just couldn't commit two days each week for practices and games right now! We have so many years full of practices and games and so I'm glad we opted out this season. Plus, I really wanted to prioritize giving Belle an opportunity to participate in an activity. I've hesitated shelling out money to sign her up for anything because she really marches to the the tune of her own drum and may or may not be in the mood for cooperation.  I found a groupon for a local gym and signed her up! So for the month of December, Isabelle joined a gymnastics class.

She was very excited. I pulled out this tutu that was a gift from Julie and she couldn't wait to wear it! And then the day came, she got ready, we drove to the gym .... and I had to bribe her with a donut to participate. She had so much fun that I didn't have to use bribery any other time! Her teacher, Mr. Will was fantastic. Belle loved him and followed his instructions on point! If you ask her what her favorite part of gymnastics, she'll say, "EVERYTHING!" 

She genuinely did love everything. And she looked so cute doing it all, too!

Gymnastics was so good for Belle. It offered the same social lessons such as listening and following directions as other sports do, but it is an individual activity and so it allowed her to the freedom to do things her way. She worked hard to balance and do new things with her body-- and she enjoyed figuring it all out! 

Oh how I wish she could do gymnastics for the same cost as the community sports programs that we've done for Jackson. She loves it so much, it's tempting to consider a second mortgage to keep her enrolled. Seriously though, in a few months, we'll probably look into it again and give her the chance to go some more!

One cost we didn't consider was the American Doll Girl of the Year named Isabelle. I had known this all year that the doll this year was Isabelle, but it wasn't until my sister sent me the picture of the doll that it reminded me of the picture of my Isabelle and I just knew she had to have it! Fortunately, Grammy jumped in to save the day and in a few years when our Isabelle is old enough to play with American Girl dolls, she'll get her very own Isabelle doll. 


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  1. So cute! I love how excited she sounds about it. I did gymnastics for over ten years and LOVED it! My parents started me in it because I had too much energy, hahaha! I was going four nights a week before too long. The competitions were a blast for me!


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