Saturday, January 10, 2015

The sickies

Ugh. This week has been a sick one. Somehow it's Saturday and I really can't even differentiate between the days of the week because it's all a big blur!

So, it starts out last weekend when Isabelle ended up with pink eye x2 and ear infections x2. It probably starts out earlier than that because she had an on/off cough for probably two weeks. She ended up with some eye drops and an antibiotic that she claims tastes like frosting. I barely even knew she was ever sick!

Being a mommy to young children, I expect to be caught in the cross hairs from time to time. This time I'm sick though, I am certain came from a tiny little person who snuggled with me on my pillow on morning only to start coughing and left me wiping cough spit off my face. It was truly disgusting as it sounds. The little person had her flu shot. Mommy did not. 

I started getting a scratchy throat and cough on Sunday evening and the symptoms gradually worsened over the next few days. I was certain each day that I was on the mend only to end up miserable by evening again. Looking back, I realize how sick I actually was this past week. But as a mom to three kiddos, there just isn't time for that, ya know? So I kept on going. It's like when I was shaving my legs and straightening my hair when I was in labor with Caroline because I simply needed to take Jackson to school before labor could start. Derek was there to move me along and let me know I was absolutely wrong then and again this time as well. He really stepped it up and pulled a lot of extra weight this week! He took over multiple nighttime feedings while still going to work (and off to army work this weekend!). I ended up at the doctor Friday in time for her to tell me I was on the mend, but also that I ended up with an ear infection as a result. I got some medicine, only mine don't taste like frosting. 

I have never been so sick as a nursing mother. It is an interesting dynamic to have an exhausted, achy body and yet still manage to be the only source of nutrition for an infant. Fortunately, she's still a small, not very active infant and we managed to snuggle lots through the week. Unfortunately, the nursing position put here right in the "cough zone" even as much as I tried to cover my germs. Caroline came down with a fever last night and tested positive for the flu this afternoon. This mama feels so guilty for not getting the flu shot myself to keep me healthy and in return, keeping her healthy too!


The bad news is that she is so, so young to have the virus. The good news is that we caught the flu within the first 24 hours. She started some Tamiflu and hopefully that will make the road to recovery smooth sailing from here. Several people have asked what Caroline's symptoms were: she did have a fever, but I took her into urgent care because she wasn't having wet diapers and dehydration was a concern. Her symptoms weren't super obvious and she was in good spirits and the doctor hadn't planned a flu swab until I asked. 

Much like my kids only getting sick on the weekends, it happens pretty consistently with Derek being on Army duty. But, I'm glad this time around so that he is out of our germy house and stands a better chance of staying healthy. Caroline and I rented some movies and are just chilling out.

Our families have been so helpful! The big kids stayed the night with Derek's parents yesterday night and today while I took Caroline to the doctor. My mom was going to come down to help here this afternoon, but instead took the big kids up to her house to keep the healthies away from the sickies. I am bummed that I didn't get to hang out with her tonight, but she did surprise me with some homemade chicken noodle soup and my favorite cheesy veggie soup, which I am certain has extra healing powers. :)

I would LOVE some prayers for Caroline that she'll get through the flu without any complications! Her body is still so tiny and has a lot of infection to fight off. Also, I'd love some tips for getting an infant to not spit out her medicine. She didn't cough it up-- she just pushed it all out with her tongue. It was a pretty disastrous attempt earlier today! 


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