Saturday, January 3, 2015

Three months: Caroline

Right before Christmas, Caroline turned 3 months! I made sure to take our monthly picture even though I knew it'd be January before I posted it. My friend Tricia set up a cute little backdrop with our tree and took some great professional pics. I managed a quick iphone pic to share for now but will share the rest later!

Here's the basics: she eats every 3 hours and will eat once or twice a night. She probably doesn't need to eat every time when she wakes up at night, but I'm a tired Mama so for now I just nurse her because I know she'll go back to sleep. Weaning nighttime feedings is a goal for January.  Starting this month, she has been much more awake and takes just three longer naps each day (morning, afternoon, and evening) instead of several cat naps. Swaddling is still a must for every nap and at bedtime. Her little arms wake her up and make her mad! She's still in a size 1 diaper. 

This month, Caroline has figured out her hands belong to her! She will grab and hold onto toys and sometimes she manages to get her hands to her mouth so suck on them. She is super smiley and will give us a giggle every once in awhile. And girlfriend totally loves to talk, too!

Caroline considers her carseat to be some sort of torture chamber and isn't thrilled about long car rides. You'd think after crying for half an hour one might fall asleep, but she's dedicated to the cause and let's us know her displeasure. At least in every other area, she's super chill and easy! 

Here's a picture with all my babies at 3 months old. There is definitely a family resemblance, isn't there? They are all just so sweet! 


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  1. She is such a cutie! Evelyn will be one in a week, and still takes a bottle in the middle of the night. I was much more diligent with the first too, but with this one, I just need sleep! ;-)


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