Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5 months: Caroline

My dear Sweet Caroline, 

Yesterday you turned 5 months old.  I would never, ever wish any of your babyness to go away, but 4 months was a hard one for us and so we're welcoming month 5 with open arms! Over this past weekend, I really noticed how you have become more of an individual little person.We've hit the stage where your cute little arms have a radius of about 12 feet. You want to grab everything and everything you grab goes straight to your mouth, which is getting more and more on point these days! You still love your hands in your mouth, you've found your toes, and you roll over-- both front to back and back to front this month!

Up until recently, you were like cute, little, easy-going accessory that adjusted so smoothly to our crazy family! Now, we are seeing a fun personality and definite preferences emerge. It's fun to watch you grow, but it's been a bit of an adjustment for us to cater to your needs now. Don't worry-- you're still my cute accessory! 

I did hear a little rumor this month-- that sometimes when I've been at work in the evenings, you've given Daddy a hard time. The story goes like this: You were crying endlessly, Daddy called Grandma. She came over and you'd stop crying as long as she would hold you, but would cry again if you Daddy would hold you. I didn't witness it so it's all just hearsay. Would something as cute as you cause such a ruckus? 

Sleep this past month, well, mostly it was terrible. Like, up 6-7 times a night terrible. I blame the flu and ruining our schedule and you just taking time to recover. It was clear you were uncomfortable- we just didn't know what to do or how to make it better. But, things are improving and you have slept through the night a few times! I may have even sent out a few all cap texts to your grandmas after I slept for 8 hours for the first time in months. Mama needed it! You're still taking 4-5 naps a day. Somedays, I feel like the only time you're ever awake is to fuss that you want to be back asleep! But, you've always clocked in more hours of sleep than my other babies. This past month you've started to resist naps when there is too much going on around you (which is pretty much always) and that has had things difficult! Like I said, we are all trying to adjust! You are still swaddled for every nap and at night. You even like to squeezed a little bit even when you're swaddled. Our swaddle blankets are size 3-6 months. I'm not sure what we'll do if you outgrow them! Probably just send you to Grandma's. :) 

We started feeding you cereal from time to time this month. I thought about waiting a little longer, but remember how I said that sleep was terrible this month? Well, mommy and daddy were on board to do ANYTHING to help you sleep. I'm not sure it helped at all, but it was a fun milestone. Big brother and sister were so excited. You weren't impressed with your first taste, but the next night I added some cinnamon and you were much more receptive! You nurse or take a bottle 5 times a day, right at every 3 hours. 

As for your brother and sister-- you adore them. If you ever get fussy, I will often ask one of them to come talk to you and you'll settle down for a few more minutes until I come to you. Jackson gives you kisses every day as he exits the van when I drop him off at school. Isabelle "shares" lots of her toys with you. You aren't all that interested yet, but you like to watch her as she plays next to you. As I was taking your 5 month pictures, Jackson was behind me and you know what he got you to do? Giggle! I can get giggles when we tickle and play, but Jackson got them out of you by talking and making faces. You two have a very special relationship. 

Oh, Caroline. I just love your sweet cheeks and your chunky little thighs! The smiles and giggles you give me when I kiss on your neck make me smile ear to ear. I love hearing your tell me all the stories as you coo and babble at me. And it's so fun to watch you exercise those legs when you jump in the jumparoo. You're Mommy little sweetheart and I love you to pieces.

Your big sister just turned 4 last week, but I know you're just going to stay my baby forever, right?


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