Saturday, February 28, 2015

Open gym, Chick-fil-a, and taking naps in the garage

In between having a new baby, celebrating the holidays, and adjusting to going back to work, my blogging has become scarce and it's become less and less about "everyday" stuff and more about major events or milestones. While I love having those memories documented here, my hope is that I can get back into the swing of things and get more day to day things here in this space!

Yesterday, my MOPS group set up to have a playdate at a gymnastics open gym. Belle has been asking to go back to gymnastics for awhile and so I knew this would be perfect. She was so excited! I mean, what could be more fun than simply laying on the mat by the balance beam knowing your mom paid money for you to use all the fancy equipment?!?

Eventually (after being nagged by her mother), she did get up and play with some friends! These moments don't photograph as well because when you're having this much fun, stopping for a photo just isn't going to happen!  

Okay, I got one. Check out that smile! :)

I sat with Caroline on the edge of the trampoline and she enjoyed bouncing. 

After gymnastics, our friends were going to meet up at Chick-fil-A. I had planned for us to go home, but Belle was so excited and was practically begging me to go. And for her, that's not always the case. Belle's personality is much more introverted than mine or Jackson's. She is often content to play by herself and even when she is around friends, she doesn't always care if she is interacting with them. And so seeing her connecting so well with her little girlfriends, I really wanted to encourage that! So we went. And I enjoyed visiting with my friends as much as she enjoyed sitting at the "little" girls table. 

So we head home. Caroline had fallen asleep at Chick-fil-A and Belle had fallen asleep almost as soon as we hit the road (right after a you-always-never-let-me-have-ice-cream melt down). Caroline has been in a week long nap and going to sleep rut. She is sleeping through the night some nights, but has avoided naps at all cost and has therefore been a cranky baby most of any given day. What's a mom to do? Well, we stayed in the van in the garage for 95 minutes. Had I known that naps would have been so long (Caroline went over an hour past her typical feeding time) I would have kept the van running to keep warm. But- I was so careful to not make a sound that I didn't even unbuckle my seatbelt that I just thought starting the van again would be too much noise. Eventually, it was pretty chilly. My van said it was 17°. The girls were bundled up more than I was, so I just stuck it out.  It was the first time all week that I went any 30 minute period with no one crying at me-- and I got it for 95 minutes.  I'm glad I did! I love my girls to pieces, but I love it even more when everyone is their typical, happy, fun self!

Unfortunately, Caroline's good mood didn't last too long. She started screaming bloody murder as I was finishing up grocery shopping. And since I was at Aldi, I had to pack my own groceries which felt like it took forever! The cashier came over to talk to Caroline to see if that'd calm her down. It didn't work. And some a lady we know from church stepped out of line to have a go at it too. Both were unsuccessful, but it was sure sweet of them to try to help out!

What is it they say? "Though the days are long, the years are short!" Oh, I get that. I mean, my first baby is six and I'm not even sure how we got here so fast. But really, some days (and weeks) are just reeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllly looong.

And then Belle randomly comes up to you at dinner to give you a hug, even though you are mid-cut of the baked potato and she wants you to squeeze harder. Or as I chuckle as Jackson's excitement as I pick him up from school hearing him say,"Yes! I can sleep in tomorrow!" when I know full well that he will be up as early as ever. Or hearing Caroline babble the words "dada" and stick her ENTIRE FIST in her mouth. Those moments, they make me smile and they make the long days and the garage naps worth it.


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