Monday, February 9, 2015

Tag-Team parenting

The past few weeks have pretty much been one giant tag-team effort between Derek and I. The computer network at Derek's work had a big snafu last weekend and he had to work all weekend. I have started working more frequently-- three evenings a week. And then this last weekend was Derek's army weekend.

We've been having family fun when we overlap time at home, but once we are each on our own-- it's pretty much survival mode! Thanks to a dry erase board, we're on our way to mastering the art of home management when we're constantly passing the baton.

I don't even have a ton of pictures on my phone to share, but here are a few of our cute kiddos.

My little kitchen helper. 

Lunch-- ice cube tray style. Her request!

Jackson went to Fan Fest with my dad-- and he won an autographed ball! He came home and said, "he scribbled his name!" Ha! :)

As our lives get busier and busier, I have found myself making sure I am putting in quality effort in our home and together time. Somethings have had to take the backseat, including some of my volunteering activities and play dates. We're finding a good balance and adjusting to our new normal! 


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