Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day: A family affair

I love Valentine's Day so much and we had fun celebrating the love holiday this weekend. My favorite part about the holiday is that we look for intentional ways to let each other know we love them. How can that not be awesome? 

I took pictures of the kiddos last weekend when it was super nice so we could send valentines to some friends and family. 

This outtake that is so stinkin' cute that now it's the official "all three kids" picture of the holiday. 

In the days leading up to the day of love we sent a few valentines, I spent a ridiculous amount of time making a special valentine for my brother, and I helped Jackson make his box for school, which earned me this compliment, "Mom! That's GENIUS!" (in regards to the unseen zigzag scrunched up tail.)

Friday night, Derek and I went out to dinner. It was less of a Valentine's Day date and more of a Hey-let's-finally-talk-to-each-other-face-to-face-because-it's-been-48-hours-since-I've-talked-to-you-in-person kind of date. I wore a baseball cap if that indicates how fancy we were (or weren't). But, spending time together was needed and great. Our gifts to each other sound waaaaaay lame, but each was something that we each wanted/needed, but was so far down on the priority list that they kind were kind of forgotten. I picked out a new skinny lanyard for his keychain and he bought me a new battery the garage door opener. As silly and un-romantic it may be, every time I have used my garage door opener this week I have thought to myself, "I'm so glad Derek loves me and went out of his way to get this fixed for me!"

Valentine's Day day was a fun day. It started out at 7am, which is exciting because that means that Caroline slept through the night. ALL NIGHT! I nursed her and then Derek got up with the kids while I slept a bit longer. He cleaned and then made pancakes from scratch for breakfast. Talk about a great start to the day! My sister, Laura, had spent the night and she woke up just in time to join us for lunch. We had a fun time laughing at how I ever managed to have a boy marry me. :)

We had told the kids early in the week that they were each having dates this weekend. Jackson kept counting down to his date with me and he even said he told his friends at school! I hope he's always this excited about dates with his Mama! Derek coached him on how to take a girl on a date. Jackson opened my doors, paid for our drinks, and said multiple times, "Here you are, my lady!" We went to Starbucks. He got a hot chocolate and I got a yummy chocolate-chip (non coffee) drink. We played slap jack and told knock-knock jokes.

Knock knock
Who's there?
Lettuce who?
Lettuce in! It's cold out here!!!! 

Isabelle went to Cherry Berry with Derek and they filled up on frozen yogurt and lots of toppings. We enjoyed our valentine tradition and had pizza for dinner. Jackson and I had picked up pizzas to bake at home earlier in the day. We let Caroline enjoy some pizza too! :) 

I had some extra passes to Legoland that expired that day so after pizza, I took the big kids. It was pretty empty, which was fun. We got to ride the rides a couple of times in a row and the kids got more Lego time. 

Even Lego cowgirls need hugs on Valentine's Day! 

I love my hubby, I love my family! I try to make an effort to let them all know every single day of the year. The other night at dinner, one of the discussion questions the kids picked from the box was "How do you know that your family loves you?". Jackson said, "Because you tell me every day!!" Isabelle said, "because you give me hundred kisses." My mama heart is so full and I am so glad that my kids know they love them! 


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