Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Isabelle's 4th birthday interview

As I've said a million times, birthday interviews are my favorite way to document each special age of my kiddos-- even when nearly a month passes by before I get the chance to share it! 

Isabelle is a fun gal to be around. She makes us smile and she makes us laugh. Her imagination is remarkable. She exists in her own little world and on occasion she'll join us in our reality for a bit. Belle is reserved with her affection, but when she share it with you on her own accord-- it's pretty special. She loves to paint with water colors and she can write her name well, though her "E's" have about 5 horizontal lines each. Isabelle isn't quite convinced that she can do many things by herself and perhaps she isn't always quite interested... but she is becoming more and more independent! She looks forward to picking up Jackson from school each day and she is skilled at getting smiles and giggles from Caroline.

I could go on and on. But this is my afternoon off work and so I'm going to go enjoy her awesomeness rather than keep writing. We're off to play outside and enjoy this wonderful weather!


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