Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snow much fun!!

This winter our snow accumulation has been pretty low. You won't hear me complaining about it! I was happy to welcome the one or two inches we got a couple of times because my kids were so eager to use their new sleds they got for Christmas. This past weekend, we ventured up to my parents house in the midst of the snow storm to visit with my my aunt and uncle who are in town. They came over with with my cousin's kiddos-- their grandchildren (my cousin and wife were in Colorado) who I have been told would be first cousins once removed. I'm not sure how all of that relationship naming goes, but fortunately for us, defining the relationship isn't a prerequisite for having fun! 

Belle and Bethany

Jackson and Ethan had lots of fun together!


Uncle Richard was so kind as to help push the kids down the hill! He's a pretty great guy, that fella. But I can't say too much. He'll read it here and then he'll get a big head. It's always glad when he comes and visits and gets to see me. :)

I went down the hill a few times with the kiddos. First of all-- BRR! Second-- riding face first is actually a bit terrifying! But it was good memory making fun.

Caroline stayed warm inside. Her shirt says, "I love my Papa." Aren't these two pretty cute together?

We had a little bit of snow earlier last week, too.

Isabelle lives for making snow angels.

... and catching snowflakes.

Fortunately, we've gotten some good use out of our sleds this year!

And my little snow bunny-- isn't she just adorable?!? 

We've had just enough snow to play a time or two. I am overly ready for spring! I am actually very excited that daylight is starting to last longer and the time change is next weekend. However, the army is faithful to ALWAYS have drill on the weekend of any time change and so I get to manage the sleep changes with the kids solo. But, for the sake of spring-- bring it on! :)


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