Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Soaking up some sun

I seem to go through phases in which I don't take many pictures for several weeks. And then then I'll go through a photo taking frenzy. This post falls in the latter category. I have so many pictures from the last several days. 

The weather has been ah.may.zing. I mean, just last weekend we were up at my parents house bundled from head to tow and sledding. This weekend we were playing in the front yard soaking up the sun! 

Isabelle got to have all of the "bootiful" horses and I got the rest. Ha. 

A kitchen sink bath!

This is just chapstick that LOOKS like a shot gun shell. :)

Working on Papa's pet project

The car got a much needed bath!

... and this is when the guy in charge of the water hose gets distracted. :)

I went out with my parents to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. They started out with only Isabelle on their bench, but by the end of the night, they were all packed in. I, on the other hand, enjoyed a nice spacious bench to myself.

Jackson was chatting with Caroline and then the next thing we know-- she's leaned it and is gumming his nose. This gave us a good chuckle.

On Sunday, we visited the park. My friend has lent us an Ergo baby carrier and I'm hoping it'll make this loved-to-be-held baby girl much more easy going when we are out and about. 

We also celebrated Grandpa Forrest's big 6-0 birthday on Sunday. Funny story-- the grandkids all wanted to lick the cake/icing off the candle. There were only two candles so they shared. My nephew Eli, who's 2, finally got the candle and he actually took a big bite of the candle. Ha. We also got a big chuckle out of that. 

We spent the afternoon at the park again yesterday after school. This gal dresses herself these days. Rainboots are every day boots in this house!

Jackson made it around the whole circle of monkey bars



My bathtub has rings and rings of dirt from all of the baths these kids are needing from playing outside. Playing outside is tons of fun, but it is definitely dirty!

This weather is my favorite. I grilled burgers for dinner and we ate outside last night.  Grilling is my favorite, too! And Daylight is my favorite! All of this outside fun makes the time change more worth it. I can't wait for another nice weekend with Derek home to have fun, too!


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