Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Resurrection Day!

Resurrection is the word of the day around here. Jackson learned that word in Sunday school and he's pretty proud of knowing it. I wanted to pop in here and some (or a lot) of pictures that I (or my sister) has taken over the past few days as we've celebrated Easter. 

We started out by dying eggs on Friday. I think these face stickers are the funnest eggs we've ever made. Aren't they looking quite dapper? 

We're a silly bunch. :)

We went to the easter egg hunt at church on Saturday and stuck around for a few slices of pizza. Domino's-- my favorite!

The Easter Bunny brought some baskets. The big kids got mostly gardening stuff and Caroline got some bath toys and new pacifiers. 

And here's just a large assortment of family photos. I love all the fun colors! The kids said we all look like Easter Eggs. :)

Caroline is sick (AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!) and wasn't feeling up for too many pictures. Look at her sad little lip. 

My parents, my Grandma Dryer, and my sister Laura came down and joined us at church this morning. We enjoyed a nice Easter lunch and spent quite a bit of time outside. My sister Laura recently bought a hammock and she brought it over so we could share in the fun. Oh man, was it much more relaxing and comfy that I had imagined (aside from wiggly kiddos). 

This girl... love her!

Jack and Aunt Laura

We had a small egg hunt for the kids in the front yard.

Caroline with me and my sis!

The temps dropped pretty dramatically this afternoon. Although it got quite chilly, the winds picked up and the kids were super pumped about trying out their new kites. It was very fun. 

Isabelle said, "Hold my hand, Daddy, so I don't fly away!" 

We went over to Derek's parents later in the evening and had a nice time hanging out with more family. We even attempted to get a pic of all the cousins-- and it worked! How cute are all these guys? 

Whew! And now I don't feel so bad about being so tired over the last few days. We've crammed in a lot. I love, love, love the days when we get to spend time with family!!! Though as much as I love my family and the fun celebrations, I love to tell the story of why this day is so very special.
Luke 24:2-3 "And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus." 
Happy Resurrection Day!


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  1. What a fun Easter! I love the eggs and the girls' matching dresses! So cute!


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