Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pictures that make me smile

Life has been pretty rough the past few days. Not like catastrophic-rough, but more like life-is-busy-Mommy-is-tired-and-wearing-thin hard. It's not so much that having three kids is hard. It's having three kids PLUS LIFE is hard. Since nothing is changing (other than Derek finishing grad school this week!!!!) I've decided that I simply need to an attitude change. I founds myself looking through some pictures that made me smile and I'm posting them here so I am forced to remember, write, and focus on all of the pretty great things we have going on for us! Basically, I'm "therapizing" myself utilizing positive psychology. 

This is a sign that the kids made for Derek for his birthday. The "S" makes me smile. :)

Isabelle went through a phase were she kept picking me flowers. And if that wasn't thoughtful enough, then she even found a vase (candle holder) and watered them. 

A few weekends ago, we traveled to Springfield to visit my sister and some old college friends including Billy, our campus minister. He's now an owner of a coffee shop in Ozark and we really enjoyed a getting to briefly catch up over some hot chocolate and a cookie! 

We also got to visit our friends Missy and Jeff. It's been YEARS since we've seen them and it was so good to see them. I'm so glad we're the kind of friends that even when we don't get the opportunity to hang out and visit as much as we'd like, we always pick up right where we left off! Missy is battling some pretty aggressive breast cancer and she is doing so with such grace and joy. You can follow her story on facebook! You can tell by her smile that she's still in great spirits. She held Caroline and said, "You've got more hair than I do!!!" I treasure this picture! 

For book club last month, we went to see, Emily Giffin, the author of some of our previous book club books. It wasn't like meeting Meg Cabot, but it was still fun and I love any excuse to visit the Plaza!

 Jackson is a GREAT big brother! These two have a pretty special bond. 

Caroline LOVES to swing. How can you be grumpy when you see this picture???

Right before I took this photo, Belle asked, "Mom, do I look cool?" I love her confidence to be herself! 

What really convicted me to change my attitude was our timely discussion in Sunday school today. We're in the book of Zechariah reading about all of the prophecies of The Day of The Lord and discussing how patient the Lord has continued to be over thousands of years of continuous sin on this earth. In focusing on how the Lord continues to show us grace, mercy, and unwavering love, I am reminded that the same is expected of me towards my family. This is one of those times when my kids have become the teacher to allow me to know and understand My Father in a deeper, more intimate way! 

So here's to the new week-- a deeper understanding of God's love for his children and a new positive attitude! And it's my birthday week! Woo hoo! :)


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  1. Stopping by from Mommy Moments...we all have bad attitudes from time to time what is important is that you don't stay stuck in that attitude. Looking at your friend battling cancer and her attitude would be enough to snap be back into place. Hang in there, this week will be better and Happy Birthday to you!


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