Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Seven Months: Caroline

Seven months, baby girl!! Oh Sweet Caroline, we just love you so. 

Oh the struggle of getting your seven month pictures... In the three attempts I made at different times of day, I just couldn't capture your super sweet smile that day! Well, there was one smile. But it was after tears and so your eyes and nose are puffy and it's not really your REAL smile. You tolerated the photo op when I held you in my arms and was leaning crazy to the side to cut myself out of the shot. Also, when I gave in and let you eat a leaf because I figured it wouldn't actually make you sick. :)

There are couple of factors that played into your unwillingness to cooperate for these pictures. The first being that you had shots the day before and the second being that you are in a must-be-held-by-Mama-every-moment-of-the-day phase. And being right next to you doesn't count. It makes for a tired Mama sometimes, but I just love the open mouth, slobbery kisses. :) 

First, you've had a pretty healthy month. WOO HOO!!! We were only at the doctor for a well child check up and so that was a nice treat! It also means that you've got a sleep schedule down. It was a rough schedule at first, but we've seemed to tweak it so it's working for us. 

You still sleep swaddled tight. I tried to rock you without the swaddle the other day and you looked at me all confused as if I was some sort of crazy lady. You were so funny. As soon as I wrapped you up, you fell right to sleep. We'll keep swaddling you as long as you'll fit in your blanket, even if your legs stick out!

You are nurse/have a bottle six times a day (one over night) and you eating three "meals" a day. You simply won't tolerate seeing other people without eating something yourself! I don't blame ya. You aren't too picky, but you prefer to eat mashed up versions of our food as opposed to pureed stuff. I don't blame you for that either!

It's so fun to watch you grow. You love to watch your big brother and sister and you're thrilled when they play with you. You might be honored to know that they fight over who gets to talk to you sometimes. Drives me nuts, but they just each love to have your attention! You have really started to play with toys and that's fun to see. I fill a bucket with toys, you take them out one by one. I put them back, repeat! Keeps you entertained for hours. Sometimes I'll even be able to sneak out of the room and get something done around the house! :)

We love you to pieces baby girl! We're so glad you're ours. Love, Mom and Dad


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