Saturday, May 30, 2015

Baseball season: T-ball & Machine Pitch

Baseball practices started several weeks ago and games started this week for both of the big kiddos. This is Belle's first year of t-ball. She is easily distracted at practice and will bring me flowers when they are practicing drills. But when it's time to practice playing-- she knows exactly what to do. Must be all those years of watching big brother!

She makes a super cute ball player, don't ya think? I just LOVE this photo. 

This is where Belle said she "ranned" as fast as she could! :)

In the second inning, she was the catch and got to put the ball on the tee after each bat. 

Apparently, a two inning t-ball game is exhausting for our little Belle. She took a seat on each base-- and in between each bat when she was the catcher. She told one of the moms on the other team that her legs were just very tired.

In the end, all that matters is touching home plate! Way to go Belle!!!

Oh, well, actually-- all that matters is earning the post-game snack. :)

This is Jackson's fourth year playing ball, but his first year in machine pitch! It's a good challenge and he is still super motivated to play and learn the game. 

He likes to play either third or first base.

At his first game, he got a hit and made it to first base! He told me before the game that he was nervous that it would take him a few games to make a hit. He was pretty proud of himself!

The team won their first game and there were snacks, of course. Most importantly, everyone is having fun! Well, Caroline tolerates it mostly. The 7:45pm games are late for her, but she's a trooper.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

8 months: Caroline

I have a ton of vacation photos that I can't wait to share, but before I do... we have to talk about Caroline turning 8 months. EIGHT MONTHS! How fun that we got to celebrate it on the beach.

Our Sweet Caroline,

You have blossomed into such a fun personality this month! You laugh, you play, you clap and wave. You will giggle when we play peek-a-boo. You can pull up and you want to crawl soooo badly. I know it'll happen soon, even if I'm not quite ready for it! Oh, and you have so much hair!!! 

You've also got a pretty rock solid sleeping schedule, which is great-- even if you are still eating at night. You'll sleep around 11 hours at night (eating once). Right now, we are trying to transition you back to central standard time. You still need to be swaddled to sleep and you take a pacifier at bed and nap times. Just recently, you started sucking your thumb. I am trying to break that habit as I want to avoid expensive orthodontist bills in the future, but I haven't been very successful yet!

In the middle of this month, we switched to mostly bottle feeding, but I just wasn't ready to stop nursing so I nurse you in the mornings and evenings. You take between 4-6 oz at a time-- and sometimes it's a struggle to get you to finish a bottle. Sometimes I have to send your big brother and sister out of the room because otherwise you won't focus! You don't have much interest in baby food, but you like to each mushed up versions of whatever we eat.

You have started to communicate a little bit. You babble words like "dada" and "mama", but you haven't quite started using them in context. And if you don't think we feed you fast enough, you let out a loud, irritated wail that we interpret as a way of saying, "I want another bite. NOW!"

You have the chubbiest cheeks and thighs. I love them to pieces! One of my favorite parts of each day is when I kiss your neck and you'll giggle. We repeat it several times and then you'll lean in to give me a kiss. I love it! :)

Love you to pieces sweet cheeks!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Legoland Visit

Back in February, Derek and I took the kiddos to Legoland. We had tons of fun, but I never got around to posting any pictures! 

There are two rides at Legoland. One is a fun little path that you use a laser gun to shoot targets. This little ride was really more exercise than it was "ride". By peddling, the cart when up in the air. Only the littles weren't good at peddling and so Derek and I were the sole peddlers. And the kids wanted to ride over and over! 

3D movie time!

Jack worked on building a tower and then tested it's strength with a simulated earthquake.

Belle made a Lego girl friend. :)

Jackson's working on making a lego race car

And then Derek and Jack tested out their cars!

More lego friends...

More lego building...

Lego friends...

Lego building...

Jackson enjoyed building a tower with foam legos and then riding the wrecking ball to knock it down!

My favorite was looking at all of the Kansas City lego scenes!

KC Skyline & Liberty Memorial

Arrowhead Stadium

Kauffman Stadium

Starlight theater


We're still enjoying our family vacation. There are lots of pictures, I'm sure. I just hope it won't take me four months to post them! :)


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Picture Round-Up!

This weekend the kids spotted a red, ripe strawberry in our garden. One that a squirrel didn't get to before us, that is. The kids were super excited to pick it off the vine and take a bite! I'm looking forward to a summer full of good produce from our backyard. Fingers crossed!!!

So, we're off having some fun in the sun. I went back and pulled several pictures that I had on my phone and/or on instagram, but never posted! Some of these go waaaaaay back. Like, before Caroline was born. Better late than never, right?

Jack's soccer medal

Isabelle and her friend Savannah-- they matched! They are only two months apart-- Belle is quite the runt!

Princess Playtime! 

Belle and our cousin Eli! :)

These two love driving around up at Grammy's house

Thursday nights are my last work day of the week and so I look forward to by Friday mornings building Lego horses and barns.

Caroline just adores her older brother!

Right before Belle's first t-ball practice!

Caroline chillin' at big brother's practice. She's playing with my necklace because I forgot to pack toys. Typical. Oops!

Another Friday morning fun-- tea party picnic! :)

I am sure there is no photo shortage happening right now as we are out having fun. I can't wait to tell you about our trip!


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Our Big Week!

We've had a big week -- so much going on all at once. 

 Jack had his last day of kindergarten. He's excited, can't you tell? 

His graduation certificate! I'm sure proud of this kid.

Field day! 

Both of the big kids have baseball practice on Tuesday at 5:30... at different parks.

Our Parents-as-Teachers gal stopped by and Belle made a huge tower of plastic cups early in the week.

Today, Belle was a flower girl! 

Aunt Laura was the Maid of Honor

Papa was the official twirler. :)

Caroline has been "helping" me with laundry and other daily tasks. And by helping, she's normally in my left arm while I'm doing things one handed. 


She conquered a Dots box during Jackson's kindergarten graduation

She wants to start crawling pretty bad, but she's not quite ready yet. (We sure aren't!!!)

She has started pulling up, clapping, and waving! 

And she's mastered the art of cuteness! :)

So, if you're keeping track... in the span of 8 days our calendar has been full of parents-as-teachers screenings, graduation parties, Jackson's baptism, Mother's Day, Field Day, Kindergarten graduation, t-ball/baseball practice, wedding activities-- on top of Derek and I both working... plus we leave for Florida overnight tomorrow night. 

Would you believe me if I told you I am so tired? Well, I am... but I also enjoyed a full night of uninterrupted sleep last night thanks to Grammy who invited Caroline to stay at her house, so I'm not as tired as I was or could be!!! :)

Even when things gets super, crazy busy... I just love our family life. We are so fortunate to have so many great things going on around us, special opportunities, and fun celebrations. Our vacation will be the perfect time to spend some non-rushing-around-to-get-places family time.



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