Wednesday, May 27, 2015

8 months: Caroline

I have a ton of vacation photos that I can't wait to share, but before I do... we have to talk about Caroline turning 8 months. EIGHT MONTHS! How fun that we got to celebrate it on the beach.

Our Sweet Caroline,

You have blossomed into such a fun personality this month! You laugh, you play, you clap and wave. You will giggle when we play peek-a-boo. You can pull up and you want to crawl soooo badly. I know it'll happen soon, even if I'm not quite ready for it! Oh, and you have so much hair!!! 

You've also got a pretty rock solid sleeping schedule, which is great-- even if you are still eating at night. You'll sleep around 11 hours at night (eating once). Right now, we are trying to transition you back to central standard time. You still need to be swaddled to sleep and you take a pacifier at bed and nap times. Just recently, you started sucking your thumb. I am trying to break that habit as I want to avoid expensive orthodontist bills in the future, but I haven't been very successful yet!

In the middle of this month, we switched to mostly bottle feeding, but I just wasn't ready to stop nursing so I nurse you in the mornings and evenings. You take between 4-6 oz at a time-- and sometimes it's a struggle to get you to finish a bottle. Sometimes I have to send your big brother and sister out of the room because otherwise you won't focus! You don't have much interest in baby food, but you like to each mushed up versions of whatever we eat.

You have started to communicate a little bit. You babble words like "dada" and "mama", but you haven't quite started using them in context. And if you don't think we feed you fast enough, you let out a loud, irritated wail that we interpret as a way of saying, "I want another bite. NOW!"

You have the chubbiest cheeks and thighs. I love them to pieces! One of my favorite parts of each day is when I kiss your neck and you'll giggle. We repeat it several times and then you'll lean in to give me a kiss. I love it! :)

Love you to pieces sweet cheeks!


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