Saturday, May 30, 2015

Baseball season: T-ball & Machine Pitch

Baseball practices started several weeks ago and games started this week for both of the big kiddos. This is Belle's first year of t-ball. She is easily distracted at practice and will bring me flowers when they are practicing drills. But when it's time to practice playing-- she knows exactly what to do. Must be all those years of watching big brother!

She makes a super cute ball player, don't ya think? I just LOVE this photo. 

This is where Belle said she "ranned" as fast as she could! :)

In the second inning, she was the catch and got to put the ball on the tee after each bat. 

Apparently, a two inning t-ball game is exhausting for our little Belle. She took a seat on each base-- and in between each bat when she was the catcher. She told one of the moms on the other team that her legs were just very tired.

In the end, all that matters is touching home plate! Way to go Belle!!!

Oh, well, actually-- all that matters is earning the post-game snack. :)

This is Jackson's fourth year playing ball, but his first year in machine pitch! It's a good challenge and he is still super motivated to play and learn the game. 

He likes to play either third or first base.

At his first game, he got a hit and made it to first base! He told me before the game that he was nervous that it would take him a few games to make a hit. He was pretty proud of himself!

The team won their first game and there were snacks, of course. Most importantly, everyone is having fun! Well, Caroline tolerates it mostly. The 7:45pm games are late for her, but she's a trooper.


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