Monday, May 4, 2015

Daredevil Duck

Last summer, Jackson started reading. Now that he's a week away of finishing kindergarten, his reading has taken off. If I haven't already been committed summer reading before, I am certainly on a mission now! I would hate for all the progress that he's made in his reading skills to regress over the summer. Belle may not be able to read yet, but she can memorize and repeat the story like nobody's business. She is great at picking up the themes and morals from the stories we read. Caroline is more in the grab-and-rip-the-pages stage these days, but I know how important it is for her to listen to books being read!

I have a few plans to make sure reading is a priority for all my kiddos this summer:

  • Summer Reading programs! First, though, I need to reconcile our account at the library. Let's just say several items were forgotten about in the midst of third baby, starting work, kid in school. Oops! Thank goodness I get to use food pantry items to write off some book fees this week. :) 
  • Allowing the kids to utilize the Hooked on Phonics app on my iPad. I downloaded this app when it was free last year. It's AMAZING! When my kids want iPad time, the rule is that they'll needs to work through a unit and read a book or two.
  • Read books that peak interests and that are fun! Reading MUST be fun in order to keep kids interested. 
Daredevil Duck is a neat book that I have enjoyed reading with the kids. (Because let's me honest. Books need to interest kids AND parents when we have to read them over and over, right?). It's a fun adventure following a little duck confront many of the things that are kind of scary for him on a quest to be a brave, daredevil duck! 

Not only is the story great and teaches a good lesson, the book itself is fun. So many pages have a lift-a-flap features that really add to the story. We're able to see Daredevil Duck as he wants to be seen, but also how he sees himself. And then there's the page that opens up super huge. That's Belle's favorite she says. 

Daredevil Duck is being released on this month-- just in time to pick up a copy to add to your summer reading! Follow along on the Blog Tour!

By Charlie Alder  
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I have a copy of Daredevil Duck to offer to one my readers. Just comment below and share how you like to keep kids reading during the summer! I'll randomly select a winner on May 18th at the end of the book tour.

I received a copy of Daredevil Duck in exchange for to provide a review on this blog. A positive review was not required. And as always, I only recommend products that I personally enjoy and believe will be good for my readers.



  1. I son is not reading on his own so I plan to continue reading stories to him every night.

  2. Reading everyday is our habit and especially during the summer when we walk to the park for a picnic. Before nap and at bedtime. Then we plan to go to storytime each week at the local library. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. My toddler and baby love to listen to me read to them when we sit outside in the backyard and enjoy the surroundings. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  4. I always encourage summer reading by going to the book store and library to pick out new books to buy and read. I think if I am doing it too then my son will enjoy it more!


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