Saturday, May 23, 2015

Legoland Visit

Back in February, Derek and I took the kiddos to Legoland. We had tons of fun, but I never got around to posting any pictures! 

There are two rides at Legoland. One is a fun little path that you use a laser gun to shoot targets. This little ride was really more exercise than it was "ride". By peddling, the cart when up in the air. Only the littles weren't good at peddling and so Derek and I were the sole peddlers. And the kids wanted to ride over and over! 

3D movie time!

Jack worked on building a tower and then tested it's strength with a simulated earthquake.

Belle made a Lego girl friend. :)

Jackson's working on making a lego race car

And then Derek and Jack tested out their cars!

More lego friends...

More lego building...

Lego friends...

Lego building...

Jackson enjoyed building a tower with foam legos and then riding the wrecking ball to knock it down!

My favorite was looking at all of the Kansas City lego scenes!

KC Skyline & Liberty Memorial

Arrowhead Stadium

Kauffman Stadium

Starlight theater


We're still enjoying our family vacation. There are lots of pictures, I'm sure. I just hope it won't take me four months to post them! :)


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