Saturday, May 16, 2015

Our Big Week!

We've had a big week -- so much going on all at once. 

 Jack had his last day of kindergarten. He's excited, can't you tell? 

His graduation certificate! I'm sure proud of this kid.

Field day! 

Both of the big kids have baseball practice on Tuesday at 5:30... at different parks.

Our Parents-as-Teachers gal stopped by and Belle made a huge tower of plastic cups early in the week.

Today, Belle was a flower girl! 

Aunt Laura was the Maid of Honor

Papa was the official twirler. :)

Caroline has been "helping" me with laundry and other daily tasks. And by helping, she's normally in my left arm while I'm doing things one handed. 


She conquered a Dots box during Jackson's kindergarten graduation

She wants to start crawling pretty bad, but she's not quite ready yet. (We sure aren't!!!)

She has started pulling up, clapping, and waving! 

And she's mastered the art of cuteness! :)

So, if you're keeping track... in the span of 8 days our calendar has been full of parents-as-teachers screenings, graduation parties, Jackson's baptism, Mother's Day, Field Day, Kindergarten graduation, t-ball/baseball practice, wedding activities-- on top of Derek and I both working... plus we leave for Florida overnight tomorrow night. 

Would you believe me if I told you I am so tired? Well, I am... but I also enjoyed a full night of uninterrupted sleep last night thanks to Grammy who invited Caroline to stay at her house, so I'm not as tired as I was or could be!!! :)

Even when things gets super, crazy busy... I just love our family life. We are so fortunate to have so many great things going on around us, special opportunities, and fun celebrations. Our vacation will be the perfect time to spend some non-rushing-around-to-get-places family time.


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