Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Picture Round-Up!

This weekend the kids spotted a red, ripe strawberry in our garden. One that a squirrel didn't get to before us, that is. The kids were super excited to pick it off the vine and take a bite! I'm looking forward to a summer full of good produce from our backyard. Fingers crossed!!!

So, we're off having some fun in the sun. I went back and pulled several pictures that I had on my phone and/or on instagram, but never posted! Some of these go waaaaaay back. Like, before Caroline was born. Better late than never, right?

Jack's soccer medal

Isabelle and her friend Savannah-- they matched! They are only two months apart-- Belle is quite the runt!

Princess Playtime! 

Belle and our cousin Eli! :)

These two love driving around up at Grammy's house

Thursday nights are my last work day of the week and so I look forward to by Friday mornings building Lego horses and barns.

Caroline just adores her older brother!

Right before Belle's first t-ball practice!

Caroline chillin' at big brother's practice. She's playing with my necklace because I forgot to pack toys. Typical. Oops!

Another Friday morning fun-- tea party picnic! :)

I am sure there is no photo shortage happening right now as we are out having fun. I can't wait to tell you about our trip!


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