Monday, June 29, 2015

Nine Months: Caroline

Caroline, your 9 month "birthday" has come and gone! I'm a week late posting about you, but I made sure to take pictures on the 23rd. Granted, they were taken at the ballpark because that's just our lives these days. As the third baby, you just tag along to all of the stuff we're up to and you're a pretty good sport about it. Especially when it means bedtime doesn't happen until 9:30 or 10:00 some nights! 

This month you got so, so sick again. It was such a busy time when Daddy was gone at Army work and I was escorting with Jackson and Belle to baseball games and pictures and all sorts of errands, so Grammy took care of you. It was heartbreaking not to be there while you weren't feeling well, but I know Grammy provides excellent care. You started out with a double ear and eye infection. And then you had a terrible reaction to the new antibiotics so we stopped those. And then when we went for your 9 month "well" check up last week, the ear and eye infection had come back! I barely even noticed the symptoms. You have been such a trooper throughout all the germs and sickness you've endured.

When you were sick and weren't eating, you plummeted down to the 26% of weight, but you recovered with a nice 2 pound weight gain in the last two week. Now you're back at your typical measurements of 38% height, 95% head circumference, and 60% weight. 

This month you caught us off guard with some full nights of sleep! Oh, glorious sleep! There was about a week that you slept unswaddled, but then you started pulling up and screaming your little head off when it was bed time, so back to swaddling it is. Still no teeth, but you're a great eater. You have zero interest in straight baby food. You require food with texture. You also started crawling and getting into ALL THE THINGS! It's more of a normal crawl these days, but you had a funny limping crawl to begin with. It was so funny. 

You still HATE to have to lay down for a diaper change, get dressed/undressed, and to be buckled into the car seat. You simply hate to be manhandled or bothered!

Your personality has blossomed so much this month. You're happiest smile is a fully-blown open mouth smile. It's my favorite. You like to give kisses and those are my favorite, too! Oh, and you wave. It's so cute. And you love to talk. And talk and talk. No clue where you get that from! ;) You still have a very special relationship with Jack and Isabelle. You give them special smiles and words. In fact, I had to do two rounds of pictures in your sticker photo shoot because you were just serious faced and somber when it was just me. After I enlisted Jack's help, you shared all the good smiles. 

Oh! And you have hair long enough for clippy-bows! :)

We love you baby girl!!! I'm so glad you get to be your Mama. XOXO


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