Monday, June 1, 2015

Sunday Funday

Having two kids in baseball has created a jam packed schedule for June. Especially considering that Derek's annual training is at this time each year. Our next two weeks are the most chaotic that I have ever managed to schedule! I have even run out of room on my calendar boxes. My work is requiring a few extra hours these days and we have some fun things to look forward to, as well! Derek left early Saturday morning and we've stayed quite busy with birthday parties, baseball practice, and church. 

I've realized that it is really important for me to prioritize my "mother" role while Derek is gone, which then means that my "get all the things done" role has to take a backseat. When we are both home, it's easy for one of us to manage some housework and chores while the other plays with the kids. And when one of those tasks has to take the backseat, I don't want it to be the kids. Especially because the "getting all the things done" doesn't ever happen and it leaves everyone frustrated in the progress. Yesterday, I left my house messy and went out to play and do things just for the kids. It turned out to be a great time! 

I did manage to mow the lawn-- with three sweet "helpers!"

Jack's friend Carter came down to join in all our fun

Earlier in the day, I helped out with a group of ladies to prepare 22 freezer meals for our sister church in downtown Kansas City. I love serving with these women!


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