Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Caroline's patriotic 4th of July celebration

I sat down to write a post on our Fourth of July celebrations. In fact, I even titled it as much. However, when I went to upload pictures, I realized that aside from some pictures I took of Caroline, there were no pictures! So, now the title more accurately describes the content of this post.

What could possibly be more patriotic than waving an American flag while shoving your mouth full eating one of Grandma's chocolate chip cookies?

Caroline had a great time proclaiming her excitement about freedom. :)

We spent the fourth with family-- eating food, setting off fireworks, and watching fireworks from all over town. Albeit, a little overstimulating, it was super fun. 

I did snap a picture of the weekend earlier when we enjoyed some fireworks with my parents and their church.

Has anyone else noticed a pattern of sugary treats when grandparents are involved?!?  :)


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