Sunday, July 5, 2015


Oh, hi there! Remember when I blogged? Yeah, me too. I'm hoping I can get back in the groove soon! I've missed this space. June was an all around crazy month. And I feel like I use the word "crazy" frequently to describe our schedule, so it might be better said that June was overwhelmingly overbooked, chaotic, and both emotionally draining and exhausting. But, of course, when there are kids around as cute as mine, there were a ton of opportunities for smiles. Here's what we were up to

Belle insisting on wearing ALL the clothes at once.

Superhero games at the library!

Flooding in our yard = the perfect opportunity to bring bath toys outside

This is what happens when you lose your normal adult sunglasses are MIA and the sun is SUPER bright...

Ladies Night at the Royals!

Tons of baseball this month- even when there were boo boos!

Movie night at Arrowhead with the cousins!

A nice Sunday afternoon motorcycle drive with Dad

More baseball

Jack got a MUCH needed haircut (while Belle worked on his car). This might be my favorite picture this month. :)

Lego club at the library with friends!

The little sister club :)

Several games of pretty, pretty princess 

A few rounds of pink eye for this poor sweetie.

Sunday Sweetness!

We welcomed Derek back home from annual training. He got promoted to Staff Sergeant!

VBS with friends

Bounce house birthday parties

Pool time with the cousins

More baseball

More Lego club

And then I signed Jackson up for a subscription Lego club. We got a set in the mail in just a couple of days and spent a few days putting it together!

Caroline got pizza EVERYWHERE!

Belle and I had matching braids-- thanks Grammy! :)

Tending our container garden! :)

The finished Lego set: a Star Wards something-or-other. Derek and Jack could probably tell you. We mailed it back on Thursday and are anxiously awaiting our next set. 

Here's looking to a less crazy July. We're hoping the month is far less eventful than the first couple days at least. In a period of 3 days, we had a leaking faucet, an overflowing toilet, and the air conditioner broke. But Derek managed to fix everything without having to pay hundreds of dollars, so that's pretty awesome. 

Derek will be out of town two of the four weeks again, but I won't be working double shifts this month and baseball is over this week. I am STILL working on organizing our vacation photos. The good news is that I have officially finished all of the vacation laundry.

I think. :)


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