Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Can We Plees Go Boleen!

Jackson brings home several papers home from school each day. A ton, really.  I always look through them to sift out ones to keep. Right when school started, I noticed a pattern of notes from Jackson.

Not only were there the notes he had written out, he also drew pictures of him giving me the note.... and saying yes, of course. 

A couple of weekends ago, the girls spend the weekend with Grammy. Derek, Jack, and I were so productive in cleaning and organizing--it was wonderful! As a reward for all of Jackson's hard work and an opportunity to spend some quality time with just him, we took him bowling. He was thrilled.

He had a shot-put inspired bowling technique that was quite humorous, but it seemed to be effective! He even bowled a strike without even using the bumpers. I managed to get it on video, too. 

Derek won both games and Jack came in second. I am just undoubtedly a very inconsistent and therefore terrible at accumulating points in bowling (like, following up two strikes with two gutter balls). We had a ton of fun. Jackson still asks me to go bowling at least twice each week, but I haven't received any letters in awhile. :)


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