Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weekend Recap: Chiefs game, garage sale, trampoline!

This past weekend was super fun! I absolutely love my job and I know the kids really enjoy school, but I always look forward to our family time on the weekends. We started out heading out to a preseason Chiefs game. Watching football makes me happy and fortunately it was a great game!

We even managed a great family selfie-- on the first try!

Belle enjoyed meeting some cheerleaders, but more importantly, she was excited to hold a pom-pom!

Jack threw a pass in the target. He's bummed I won't let him play football until he's older. Sorry kid, until it becomes a concussion-less sport, you're not playing anytime soon!

The kids found a face paint booth and then we came across a booth that took our family picture! I never remember to print out pictures, so it's nice to have a hard copy photo!

We cheered on the Chiefs. Belle particularly enjoyed when we scored because War Paint, the horse, runs across the field.

The Chiefs were ahead the whole game and it was an enjoyable game to watch. The weather was fantastic. Well, until 3 minutes left in the game and the sky opened up and all the rain came pouring down at once. Our family now has some fun memories running from section 327 all the way out to the furthest corner of the parking lot in a mere 12 minutes. We were drenched! Fortunately the kids love to play in the rain, so they both thought it was all great fun. :)

For the past two weeks, we've been clearing out our house for a garage sale. I mean, how do we acquire SO. MUCH. STUFF? It felt good to purge! I had the prices marked low to ensure things would get sold and it worked. We only took two boxes back away to the Salvation Army!

This guy was super eager to have a "Limanad" stand on Saturday :) 

 Jack was invited to a super fun laser tag birthday party. We got to watch on security cameras-- it was neat!

I got Derek's name on a Coke can from the vending machine! How fun is that?! Good thing he doesn't like Coke so I didn't have to share.

We had McDonald's for dinner with Great Grandpa. Caroline got a little obsessive about her french fries. She cracks me up.

My goal with the garage sale was to make enough money to get a trampoline-- and we came up perfect! It took a bit of time to put together (thanks Grandpa Forrest and Aunt Mary for helping!), but the kiddos-- and adults-- have been jumping ever since!

Derek kicked the kiddos out at one point so he could practice his "tricks". The same tricks that have forced him to take a handful of pain killers each morning and evening. He is still young at heart, but his body has aged a bit. :)

Not that I live every week in anticipation of the weekend, but we're looking forward to a low-key Labor Day weekend coming up, which at this point looks like it'll be lots of time to jump around and then recover from all the jumping.



  1. got Derek's name on a Coke can from the vending machine! How fun is that?! Good thing he doesn't like Coke so I didn't have to share.

  2. Thanks mate for sharing the weekend recap about Chiefs game, garage sale, trampoline at this website. These are really pretty pictures of the family supporting. In love with these.


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