Sunday, October 4, 2015

12 Months: Caroline

Caroline turned ONE YEAR this week. She was, of course, very excited!

Dear Sweet Caroline, 

This has been the quickest, yet longest year ever. Makes total sense, right? I remember holding you for the first time and listening to all you had to say right after you were born all like it was yesterday. The months of ear infections and not sleeping dragged on, but we all came through and things are so  much fun with you these days!

You were my easiest newborn! You gave us a smooth transition into welcoming a third baby. And you've kept us on our toes ever since about three months! :) You have a quite the opinionated, willfull little thing. Whew! But really, I'm glad to be your Mama because I know that you're going to move mountains some day. 

Things you love: 
  • berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries-- you're not picky!)
  • being swaddled
  • Mama! 
  • belly buttons (yours and everyone else's)
  • cat food and water
  • cell phones
  • taking clothes out of laundry basket

Things you don't love:
  • getting dressed
  • laying down to get diaper changed
  • be buckled in any thing (high chair, carseat, cart, stroller)
  • having to use a sippy cup instead of a bottle
  • not being held by Mama all day when we're at home
You weigh around 20 pounds, wear 12 month clothes, size 2 shoes, and size 3 diapers. We had your 12 month check up last week and the doctor ordered some blood tests. We learned that you are allergic to oats and the wheat/rye/barley combo. I think this might have to do with some of the cranky spells you've had from time to time. And the super red eyes. I'm glad we found out so we can try to avoid those foods. 

You've started walking and love the freedom to roam. You think you're pretty cool stuff-- and you are!! I have really been soaking up your snuggles lately. It's easy to do because you want me to hold you almost all the time. But, I know you'll outgrow that some day, so some mornings we just sit and snuggle the entire 3 hours while Isabelle is at preschool. Makes us both happy! :)

Love you Sweet Caroline! I can't wait to celebrate with a party next week at yours and Jackson's party!



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