Sunday, November 15, 2015

Grandparent's Day (and a pseudo Aunt's Day)

I'm not sure if the kids or the grandparent's enjoy Grandparent day at school most! Either way, there are smiles all around! 

Grandparent day at Belle's school was in September and Grammy came down to visit. 

Jack's was in October was it was a little easier for more sets of grandparents to come! How fun are these pics?!?

Jack with his cousin Gabe, Grandpa Forrest, and Great Grandpa!

My sister, Laura, has voiced her complaint about the discrimination of special days for aunts. So, she tagged along as a helper for Belle's class when they visited the pumpkin patch. Again, I'm not sure which one had more fun! :)

We're so fortunate to have so many loved ones close by! 


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