Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Family Date Night

This past weekend was a much anticipated pretty chill weekend. Our weekends have been full lately and so it was nice to be home without much to do. Well, Derek made quite an ambitious list of things to complete around the house so it's not like there was NOTHING to do. We put in some good yard and house work and decided it'd be perfect to take the kids out to dinner and a movie!

Some big news from back in February-- I won a year's supply of pizza from Pie 5 from a radio station. It's a cool pizza place around town that makes individual pizzas in 5 minutes. I can get 4 pizzas a month and it works out perfectly to take the family once a month or to stop by a few times on a lunch break. I haven't used my July pizzas so we headed out! The kids love crafting their own pizzas. Jackson's favorite is pan crust, BBQ sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Belle likes a thin crust and lots of cheese.

Caroline just loves the freedom to sprinkle parmesan cheese on any pizza.

Jackson ate his WHOLE pizza.

We headed to the movie theater after dinner. I'm not a fan of paying for movie tickets for kids movies because we often just go to the summer daytime kid movies for $2 and opt for the new movies from Redbox or something. But as it so happens, when we came to daytime kid movie two weeks ago there was some sort of glitch in the system that delayed ticketing and so they delayed the start of the movie. The delay of the movie start time somehow caused some sort of problem with the system that they couldn't get it to start AT ALL. The theater was so gracious and we ended up with free popcorn and they comped us tickets to come back to see any movie-- so we planned to see The Secret Life of Pets! 

Belle asked to bring her pet Malcolm to the movie and was so excited that we agreed. She was going on and on about how excited Malcolm was because "he's never been to the movies before! He's going to love it!" He did accompany her in the girls restroom and informed the other patrons that he was a boy, but it was okay because he was just a dog. 

Family pic!

We had super comfy, reclining seats! 

See those little tables-- that's for ordering food and servers will bring it to you during the movie. We didn't order any food, but the gal next to me did get some french fries. Caroline reached over and snagged one before I even knew she was reaching! The lady was so sweet-- I was mortified! 

The kids loved the movie, lots of laughing. Caroline pointed out the "doggie" 9 trillion times and was pleased with herself each time she did.  It was a fun evening to spend together doing something we haven't really done much before.  only we could do it for $13 every time!


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