Friday, July 8, 2016

My sister's getting married!

I can't believe I left this out of my blogging recap just a few weeks ago! My sister, Laura, got engaged in March to a great guy who is willing to join our crazy family! The wedding is THIS WEEKEND! Woo hooo!!!! I can't believe my little sister is old enough to get married-- but let's be honest, I can't believe I'm old enough to have three kiddos and a mortgage!

Sebastian proposed on a date up here in KC so we were able to celebrate with Laura the very evening he proposed!

Laura made special invitations for the Isabelle and Caroline to be her "flower princesses." And I get to be one of her matrons of honors! 

Caroline loved trying on flower girl dresses-- but we're still working on proper dress etiquette. 

Laura had a lovely shower down in Springfield.

We got to shower her with love!

And Isabelle and Aunt Laura had fun making silly faces. 

Derek and I managed a fun double date at the yummiest pizza place downtown!

And Laura had another lovely shower up here in KC!

Mom gifted Laura the "You are special today" plate like she did for me! It's a tradition to use the plate for birthdays and miscellaneous celebrations.

I put together a collection of recipes for her of all our family favorite recipes. I kinda wanted to keep it for myself, but instead I just took photos of the recipes that I didn't have for myself!

Tonight we are going out for her bachelorette party and then tomorrow is the rehearsal and then the wedding is Sunday. It's going to be so much fun celebrating her and Sebastian!


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